Creativity, Your Link to Divinity

Theatre originated in Ancient Greece as an act of worship. The miracle plays of the Middle Ages told the stories of the Bible. Throughout the ages chanting and dancing connected people to the gods and their spirit Ancestors. Great works of Art from the Sistine chapel to Mozart’s Requiem have been inspired by a love of God. Yet in our time, creativity is both revered and trivialised. Most people feel disconnected from their creativity believing themselves locked out of all artistry. They admire those who have the “gift” unaware or incapable of valuing their own. 

In this talk you will discover why it is impossible to not be creative, how to unlock it’s power and how this is both an expression of you and the divine within you. To honour your creativity is is to honour yourself, your life and to open a link to the Divine. 

Friday the 30th April

7-8 pm online


Recording will be available 

Please email to join live or to obtain the recording.

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