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Brightening Up The Darkest Months

With The Light Centre, London

Do you struggle with energy at this time of year? Is your mood  low?

This two part online course, given with The Light Centre, London, provides you with what you need to know to make this your best winter.

Part 1- Light

You don’t need to be diagnosed with SAD to struggle in winter. It’s a common problem for many of us. Shorter days mean less light. In this first part you will gain an understanding of how light can make all the difference to your  mood and energy. You will take away tips which will help you make the most of every day.

Part 2- Joy

There are many reasons why many people struggle in winter. Being indoors, seemingly endless rainy weeks can have an impact on our mood. In the 2nd part of this course, the focus is on creating joy. You will be able to create a diary of both big and small events that helps make this winter joyful and exciting.

Please contact the lightcentre to book your place on the course.


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