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The Mind Body Connection

Working with clients, I often start by locating an uncomfortable feeling and then asking them to find the part of the body where this feeling is stored. At first this may seem a strange thing to do, but we store tension in our bodies. Most clients immediately point to their chest, others to their stomachs, a few to their throats and occasionally to their heads. Some find it virtually impossible to locate the connection. This is because they seem unaware of the impact that their feelings have on their bodies. Our bodies are intimately linked to our subconscious minds. If you think about it, our brains regulate automatic functions, movements and reflexes.

When we feel fear, our hearts beat faster as the adrenalin rushes through our bodies. If we're nervous, we talk about butterflies in our stomachs. If we panic we may feel unable to speak. In other words the connection between mind and body is intimate. We can listen to our bodies to help us decipher our feelings when they are more deeply buried.

Working with clients on various emotional issues sometimes has the added benefit of relieving physical problems they've been experiencing for some time.

There are other health benefits to be had too. NICE has approved Hypnotherapy to be used for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In addition, Hypnotherapy can help you to approach surgery in a positive and relaxed frame of mind. This puts less stress on the body and can be very useful, helping you to recover more quickly.

In addition, if you've had surgery and need help with pain relief, Hypnotherapy can really help you. Teaching you pain control and helping you become more comfortable.

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