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Creativity Your Link To Divinity

Theatre originated in Ancient Greece as an act of worship. The miracle plays of the Middle Ages told the stories of the Bible. Throughout the ages chanting and dancing connected people to the gods and their spirit Ancestors. Great works of Art from the Sistine chapel to Mozart’s Requiem have been inspired by a love of God. Yet in our time, creativity is both revered and trivialised. Most people feel disconnected from their creativity believing themselves locked out of all artistry. They admire those who have the “gift” unaware or incapable of valuing their own. 

In this talk you will discover why it is impossible to not be creative, how to unlock it’s power and how this is both an expression of you and the divine within you. To honour your creativity is is to honour yourself, your life and to open a link to the Divine. 

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Turning Down The Pain

What is the mechanics of pain? How can you play a part in reducing it? Whether you suffer from the occasional headache or chronic pain, understanding how pain works can out you back in control. In this talk, you will learn why relaxation can be helpful in reducing tension and how that reduces pain. You will learn how using your imagination can help you reduce pain and change it to comfort.


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Soul Purpose

Having a sense of purpose provides a sense of meaning. The concept of Karma and Reincarnation is an old one and can be found in many cultures. In this talk, you will hear about how past life regressions work and how they help people come to a greater understanding of their life’s purpose.
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Raising Your Vibration

How can you shift your consciousness from despondency to one of positivity and joy? It seems an impossibility but it’s vital in order to avoid spiralling into despair. Positive energy helps you be more creative, confident and improves your overall health. In this talk you will learn simple exercises designed to help you shift your energy to a positive vibration. 


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Setting New Goals For Success

Why do so many New Year’s resolutions fail? How can you turn a resolution into an achievable goal?

In this talk you will learn how to identify the energy behind a goal to better understand what you want to achieve. You will then be better at motivating yourself and learn how to visualise your outcome. With a few simple steps your goals will become manageable and achievable.


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Brightening Up The Darkest Months

Do you struggle with energy at this time of year? Is your mood  low?

This two part online course, given with The Light Centre, London, provides you with what you need to know to make this your best winter.


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