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"Ana, I want to thank you so much for the work we did in our hypnotherapy sessions. Each time we worked together, it was perfect timing for me, it coincided so well with changes I need to make in my life. Each session helped me understand my mind and ego and how they were playing a part in the events in my life and patterns that have come up throughout my life. I'm so grateful to have had your help in recognising them, understanding them, healing them and moving on from them. The work that we did together has been invaluable in my growth, and each session I gained more and more confidence in myself and my intuition, this has helped me transform my life, where I now experience so much more peace, calm, joy, love and tranquillity. I thank you so much. Also the last session we did about setting your own hypnosis was fantastic, it's a great tool, in my tool box, for when I need it most, thank you for sharing this gift with me."

Jane Railton

“I was introduced to Ana by a friend of mine who has successfully worked with Ana previously, I never believed I could be hypnotised but on the first appointment Ana demonstrated that I was wrong! My subsequent appointments helped me control my anxiety and I gained valuable knowledge about techniques that have certainly made me feel more confident and grounded. Ana is a lovely lady, non-judgemental and so easy to talk to. I would recommend Ana wholeheartedly.”

Carol Beckham

"Ana has an amazing ability to draw out of our inner selves that which we really need to hear, especially at a time of personal crisis, and with a very caring and compassionate concern.
So much of our lives are suppressed and hidden deep within our hearts, so much emotion lies dormant and unresolved, affecting us much later in our lives when we least expect it.
Ana knows and understands this, helping us to become aware of our past and guiding us carefully and gently to the present where we may finally confront and heal the wounds that have been ignored and unattended for so long. That is part of the truth and insight that Ana can bring to you and out of you, her great sensitivity and kindness about your own personal situation will bring you strength and peace of mind, able to finally leave the past behind and look forward with grace and spirit to the future, thank you Ana."

Emil Joachim

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials

Effie Rhas

"My experience of Hypnotherapy with Ana was wonderful.  I am very grateful to have worked with Ana from when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer until the end of my treatment.  The hypnotherapy sessions helped me enormously to get through those difficult early days when I would listen to the recordings to help me sleep as well as relax and to visualise my own healing.  Ana has a melodious soothing voice and creates beautiful imagery which makes the hypnotherapy sessions so relaxing and beneficial.  I would highly recommend Ana to anyone for Hypnotherapy."

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