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Building Confidence

You Are in Control

One of the most debilitating difficulties faced by many people is the lack of self-belief. For whatever reason they doubt themselves and their abilities. Here are a few short articles which I've written and are linked with a lack of self-belief.


We are all aware of inner conflict when a part of us wants to do one thing and another wants something else. Dealing with the subconscious mind, means also finding parts which we are not aware of. These parts are developed in our childhood and have the function of protecting us from pain or ensuring our survival. Sometimes working with clients, it means engaging with these parts.

The most challenging parts are those which are determined to punish or self sabotage. At first, it's hard to conceive or understand why we would wish to punish ourselves. But such parts are still acting to ensure survival. They develop in response to parental demands or expectations. They are the internalised voice of  the parent. Our own inner policeman that makes sure that we do what's expected of us so as to avoid angering our parents. For some of us, this develops into a very negative and self hating voice, convinced that the only way to survive is to keep the ego very down. The fear is that if the individual is given free reign, they might do something terrible that will displease the parent and lead to rejection or abandonment.

Teaching this part to relinquish its tight hold on the individual involves teaching self-love. It seems that no matter what the issue is, it always comes down to learning to love ourselves better.

I can hear The Beatles lyric- "all you need is love" once again.

Love and Nurturing

Not every parent is a good parent. Some don't know how to be nurturing as they never received it themselves. Others are hard pressed and do their best but never manage to meet the child's needs. This leaves many of us developing the belief that we are never heard, or understood. We believe that it's pointless to speak as no one will listen. We feel alone and unloved. These feelings can persist unless they are addressed in deep therapy such as Analytical Hypnotherapy. It is then that we can begin to provide ourselves with the nurturing that we never had. It is never too late. One of my clients today was in his sixties, the other in his seventies. Peace of mind is priceless whenever it arrives.

Know Your Worth
At different times in our lives we experience unexpected events or a change in circumstances. At such times we are asked to adapt and cope. How well we do so, depends on how confident we are. Knowing our worth helps us be resilient in less certain times. Yet many of us under-rate our abilities. We look at others and assume that they are more competent than we are. Remember that many people have learned to cover up their insecurities with a polished veneer. Instead of comparing ourselves unfavourably, it would be better to value our own skills and to draw on our life's experience. We are all unique and we all have something positive to offer. Knowing this is vital if we are to function and compete well in the wider world.

 One of the most wonderful things about my job is seeing the positive ways in which my clients' lives change because of the internal changes that are the result of Hypnotherapy. Here are some testimonials of clients who have found that Hypnotherapy has helped them become confident and believe in themselves.

“Ana, I want to thank you so much for the work we did in our hypnotherapy sessions. Each time we worked together, it was perfect timing for me, it coincided so well with changes I need to make in my life. Each session helped me understand my mind and ego and how they were playing a part in the events in my life and patterns that have come up throughout my life. I'm so grateful to have had your help in recognising them, understanding them, healing them and moving on from them. The work that we did together has been invaluable in my growth, and each session I gained more and more confidence in myself and my intuition, this has helped me transform my life, where I now experience so much more peace, calm, joy, love and tranquillity. I thank you so much. Also the last session we did about setting your own hypnosis was fantastic, it's a great tool, in my tool box, for when I need it most, thank you for sharing this gift with me.”

Jane Railton

“I didn't know what to expect when I went for Hypnotherapy.  I was at a crossroads and in a difficult place.  I was surprised at how it worked on a deep level and yet flowed with ease and I was always aware of what was happening and our dialogue.  I have moved on so much since our first session and I am amazed at how I am now able to look forward to the future with hope and plan for now.  I feel more energised and balanced and I am able to let go of what is no longer useful and regain my integrity.  The individualised recordings are great and I  can use them daily and go back to previous ones when I need to.  My deepest thanks to you, for helping me through a difficult time.  I am still on my journey and I have learnt to appreciate what each day brings and to " Jump right over those hurdles" when I need too!  Thanks Ana for your amazingly spot on Hypnotherapy sessions & healing.”

Nursen Adabi

“Thank you for your wonderful help with my transition in my life. I was so anxious about it all and when I heard your talk at the Institute of Psychic Studies I absolutely knew you could help me overcome my fears and anxiety. Of course it was not easy but you were incredibly easy to open up to and of course, it was all in my best interests to do so. They hypnosis face to face was fascinating, particularly the way you were able to capture my concerns which were embedded in my discourse with you. Then to have the luxury of being able to listen to the main parts of your hypnosis session with me over and over again at any time, any place on my mobile or on my laptop, has been immensely helpful.

I had been searching for a hypnotherapist to guide me through my dilemmas and it was worth the search. I would certainly recommend you to others and will come back to you for further sessions if needed in the future.”

Sheila Bravin

Building Confidence: Services & Goals
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