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In The Light-Growing Your Soul

In this weekly YouTube podcast, I interview a variety of guests about different aspects of mental health and spirituality.

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Ancient Medicine- With Caroline Evans


What if you had everything you need to heal wounds, ward off colds and stay healthy, growing outside your door? This is the reality from which we have become disconnected. In this interview, Caroline Evans MH, discusses how we can empower ourselves and improve our health through the use of herbs that are easily foraged or grown.

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Neuroaffective Meditation- With Marianne Bentzen

Why do we meditate? What are the downsides to meditation? How can we ensure that we make sure that we are getting the best out of this ancient practice? Marianne Bentzen is a psychotherapist and trainer. In this interview we discuss some of the pitfalls of meditation and how to avoid them.

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The Magic of Gratitude

Interview With Allan Hunter

What is Gratitude and why is it so important? Professor of Literature and Counsellor Allan Hunter answers these questions as we discuss how Gratitude fosters good mental health and opens the door to deeper Spirituality.

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Connecting To All Life

Interview With Michael Roads

In this episode with Michael Roads, we discuss the healing power of connecting with nature.

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