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  • Ana Isabel

Hallowe’en- The New Year

Hallowe’en was the Celtic New Year. It’s easy to see how a time in which nature is changing could come to signify something ending and renewal. For human beings death is something to be feared, something dreaded. That’s understandable too. Yet many traditions and religions hold the belief of an afterlife. A sense that death is in itself a new beginning.

Perhaps what we fear is change, times like these remind us that change is a natural part of life. It’s difficult and scary to let go of the old when we don’t trust the new, yet it’s vital that we work with change as part of a creative process. If we don’t, we begin to die, we are stunted. If we do, we grow and develop the potential to achieve things we never dreamt of

In this spirit, I wish you a very Happy Halowe’en!

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