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Make A Wish, Let It Go- The Need For Faith

Have you ever made a wish with all your heart? I'm sure you have. It may have been for something trivial that you didn't think you'd ever get. You may have made a wish when you blew out the candles on your birthday cake or blew away the seeds of a dandelion. I always make a wish when I see a rainbow.

There are other kinds of wishes too. The kind that we want so badly that we can't stop thinking of them; the kind that many people turn into prayers. Yet many religions and traditions teach that we need to let go in order for it to come true.

To really let go of the wish, we have to stop thinking of it once it's been made. This is only possible if we have faith. Faith is not a word often discussed in our secular society. Yet, it's vital if we are to have hope. We need have faith in order to believe that somehow what we most desire is possible. Without that there is little hope and only resignation or despair. For many people faith in a higher power helps get them through life, but we also need to have faith in each other and in ourselves. We need to know that someone will be willing to help us when we need it. We need to know that we are capable of getting through difficult times and that we are able to create what we need to ensure a happy and meaningful life. Faith and hope are both key aspects of our wellbeing.

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