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  • Ana Isabel

New Dawn

I woke this morning to the sound of rain. Grey light was coming through my window. The alarm hadn’t yet gone so I snuggled back into my duvet, hoping to fall asleep. No chance. My brain was fully awake. I groaned, feeling grumpy with my brain. Another grey morning and I want to sleep and wake again, a fresh start! It was not to be. As I lay in bed enjoying the coziness and quiet of a still slumbering world, it occurred to me that we take something rather special for granted. Many of us don’t enjoy waking up. We fail to appreciate the gift that is given to us. Each day is a fresh start. My cats always woke happy and excited. One of them was always at her best in the first moments of waking. Teddy is full of joy every morning.

You may be thinking, quite rightly, that it’s unfair to compare my cats and dog to us. They don’t have, worries, school runs, rushing to work or sleepless nights. Yet, they instinctively know something that we need to remember... every day is brand new! Every dawn brings an opportunity to learn something, gain insight, change perspective, make new connections. We need to remember this because when we do, it means that we are free to begin each day from a new and better stand point. We can forgive ourselves for yesterday’s incompleted list, faux pas, lapsed diet... and start again. If we can do this we stand a very good chance of having a good morning and beautiful day.

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