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All Soul’s Night

This is the day when Catholics remember the dead. I suspect this has its roots in the Celtic Tradition of Halloween when the veil between...

Hallowe’en- The New Year

Hallowe’en was the Celtic New Year. It’s easy to see how a time in which nature is changing could come to signify something ending and...

God Is In The Detail

Yesterday, I nearly missed these tiny mushrooms. No surprise, I would wager that I might have been the only person to spot them in a...


Bliss can be described as surrendering to the pleasure of the moment. Animals do this easily. It’s a wonderful skill to develop.

Making The Most of Sunlight

It sometime feels the Sunlight is a rare commodity at this time of year. Yet we all need it if we are to thrive. If you are stuck working...

Beyond The Rainbow

What lies beyond the rainbow? Is it literally a pot of gold? Rainbows are a natural phenomena. Beautiful and ephemeral, it is easy to see...

Life’s Gifts

Looking for life’s gifts brings contentment and delight. It could be something small like looking into a friend’s smiling eyes.

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